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Hello from the world of Tommy Twiceborn.


What color pencil should I use?

Children’s books are fascinating. So much innocence, such freshness and lovable vulnerablity.

Now  in middle life, not mid-life crisis, I crave that fun time. The ability to be surprised at the simple marvels of life. To laugh at nothing in particular.

I grew up on Children’s literature. I must have read the entire series of adventure books by Enid Blyton. The hair raising mysteries, the zesty detective freinds, mostly pre-teen, left me spellbound.

The author made my four hours of smelly rickety bus journey in New Delhi, India to and back from school, not only bearable but delighful. I am talking of age 11 to 13. After that I wanted to explore new pastures, literally.

TOMMY TWICEBORN is one such mystery, my tribute to the author Enid Blyton, except it is