Ameena A.Saeed, Author of Tommy Twiceborn

Ameena A.Saeed, Author of Tommy Twiceborn

Tommy Twice Born

Tommy Twice Born

Ameena A. Saeed earlier used to be an editor and columnist for several magazines in India. She was Assistant editor of The Weekly Sun, a cheesy tabloid that was a cross between National Enquirer and Playboy. Three year stint at that racy, zany tabloid and she was burnt out with whacky, screwball one liners.

She was also a columnist for the tabloid and a bi-weekly journal called ‘The Onlooker’ where she had a great time making fun of everyone with stinging satire and biting spoofs. It was her editors who had the last laugh for she ended with no money and plenty of fans that did not translate into anything.

Later, much later she settled down to a tamed existence in the USA, with a husband, child and a job at a Community College in California teaching Sociology.

Come 9/11 2001 and the climate of the USA became politically charged. She began to write Op Ed pages for the Times of India, The Hindu and The Hindustan Times, all leading Newspapers in India.
In 2002 she was published in an anthology of articles Titled “September 9, 2001, Feminine Perspectives.”
TOMMY TWICEBORN is her second work of fiction, (the first, though ready is yet to be published). TOMMY TWICEBORN is inspired by the theory of reincarnation. “A real life event in New Delhi, India haunted me for forty years till I decided to bring it to life with pen and paper. The real story of reincarnation is so bizarre that it would be impossible to reproduce it here.” She said.

What was the greatest hurdle writing children’s fiction? “For a satire writer it was a challenge not to be sardonic and acerbic but express the innocence of an eleven year old. Oh my how I had to fight to be earnest without being frivolous and delve into the psyche of an eleven year old and think like one. Of course my beautiful daughter who was quite young helped me with the vocabulary and insights of pre-teen school boy.”

The adventure story is in its last stages of completion. It has gone through so many rewrites it has crashed a few computers and turned many cartridges dry.

“Wait for a couple of months and TOMMY TWICEBORN, a supernatural thriller will hit the market. I am still wondering what age group I should target. Some people who have read the book say the reader’s age could range from 10 years to 110 years,” says the author. “I leave it for the readers to decide.”