Tommy Twice Born

Tommy Twice Born

Tommy Twiceborn ready to hit the bookstores.

Look for it on Amazon both as hard copy and e-book. The paranormal adventure begins and you the readers are going to be on a roller coaster ride to a page turner.Am I modest enough???

Now there is a question.

Just struck me What was Barak Obama in his previous life. He was called the teen age prince of Tutenkhamen in Egypt. Why because according to the Egyptians he looked ditto like the image of the lost prince.

And what about the Dalai Lama, the 14th., reincarnation of the Holy spiritual Leader. According to Tibetans he keeps reincarnating and this is his fourteenth life. He has said he is going to be the last. Does that make sense or maybe it is just a rumor.

Have you heard of any new stories of reincarnation in the news, Why do you think most of the stories come from India. Because it is part of their philosophy and belief system? There are other countries where cases of  reincarnation have been reported but they are reluctant to come to the front. It is called gobbledygook or just afraid it will not be taken seriously.