What color pencil should I use?

Children’s books are fascinating. So much innocence, such freshness and lovable vulnerablity.

Now  in middle life, not mid-life crisis, I crave that fun time. The ability to be surprised at the simple marvels of life. To laugh at nothing in particular.

I grew up on Children’s literature. I must have read the entire series of adventure books by Enid Blyton. The hair raising mysteries, the zesty detective freinds, mostly pre-teen, left me spellbound.

The author made my four hours of smelly rickety bus journey in New Delhi, India to and back from school, not only bearable but delighful. I am talking of age 11 to 13. After that I wanted to explore new pastures, literally.

TOMMY TWICEBORN is one such mystery, my tribute to the author Enid Blyton, except it is inspired by a true life event of Reincarnation. Something that happened in my neighborhood, chilling, dramatic and exciting with a bizarre twist. Fact is stranger than fiction, so true.

Reincarnation, supernatural, the paranormal is not just a beleif shared by people in the East but experienced by people all over the world, irrespective of the faith they may or may not follow. Ironically most of the narrative comes from children whose memory is untainted by experience.

TOMMY TWICEBORN is a piece of fiction about a young American boy who while playing a prank begins to remember his past life. The prank turns into a thrilling  mystry that baffles everyone.

TOMMY TWICEBORN is also a lot of fun, young kids trying to play a prank in their sixth grade turn detectives and then there is a roller coaster ride that no one is prepared for. Not even the reader

Should I tell you what happened? Nah! I think you will hate me for it. Just wait till it is published.

TOMMY TWICEBORN is published by NIGHTOWLSCRIBE publishing.

Look for this site for the release date.