October 05, 2012

The Book is out on Amazon.

Enjoy the Journey into Past Life

Tommy Twice Born

September 21, 2012


My favorite movie on reincarnation is Hollywood’s ‘Chances Are”  starring Robert Downey Jr,. with Ryan O’Niel  and of course the sexy magnetic Cybill Shepherd. The suave Robert Downey’s acting made this a charming movie.

Robert Downey Jr., comes back to earth after he died in a car accident. Lo and behold he comes back to his own family of course as a different man, much younger and get this his own daughter’s boyfriend. But as he was (in the previous life) a doting husband he is attracted to his much older wife Cybill Shepherd and a frustrated Ryan O’Neil  who is courting her. There are hilarious moments in the movie where Robert and Cybill are attracted to each other. The mother Cybill is in a dilemma, he is her daughter’s boyfriend, how could she…. Robert tells his daughter who sneaks into his bedroom “what are you doing here, this is past your bedtime.”

An injection solves the tangle, where the reincarnated man’s past memory is blocked and he comes out feeling a young student again, typical Hollywood instant solution nevertheless a charming romantic comedy with past life and reincarnation in the backdrop.

The plot of the movie does not dwell too much on the dark and mysterious subject of reincarnation instead it meanders through lighthearted romance and comedy addressing jealousy, young love and incompatibility, loss of spouse.

Are there any movies that deal with the subject of reincarnation in depth?


déjà vu

TOMMY TWICEBORN, a supernatural thriller deals with subjects like reincarnation, past life, déjà vu, murder in the past life and a jewelry heist all woven into one. If there was an eleven year old James Bond, Tommy would be one. Except he wouldn’t be James Bond but Tommy Twiceborn.

I have a dilemma, the subject of reincarnation, paranormal and mystical jargon are not considered suitable for children. Yet almost all cases of reincarnation or past life events are narrated by children, sometimes as young as 3 years old. They do not understand what they are talking and leave the adults in a dilemma. Like the little girl Shanti in the 1920’ who at age four began to describe her very complicated pregnancy that led to her early death in her previous life. She shocked her parents and doctors who were stunned to hear her talk about her married life, children and her last pregnancy that cut short her life abruptly.

It is true that children are able to narrate events that allegedly happened to them when the memory is fresh and untainted by experience. The irony is these same subjects are considered taboo for children.

Today is February 28, 2012

My friends who are reading the book love it. But they are all middle age women. I am still looking for my target audience that is Young Adults to read and give me feedback.


Today is March 5, 2012

Thank you Adriana and Allana for the post.

My friends are reading the book and love it. It will be published and available in late April or early May.

Past life is a fascinating subject and suddenly everyone was eager to read it.

There are 250 validated cases of reincarnation out of thousands  of reported cases of past life occurences. One young man had a knife wound in his neck and was troubled by nightmares. Later either through regression or by flashes of memory he remembered he was killed by a knife. The story was corroborated by research and interviews done in the area.

Fascinating isn’t it.