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Enjoy the Journey into Past Life

TOMMY TWICEBORN is a fiction for young adults about an 11 year old boy who remembers his past life. This piece of fiction is inspired by a true story of a young boy in New Delhi, India who remembered his past life and made headlines about forty years ago. He met his end in a bizarre twist of events.

The story has haunted the author since it happened in her neighborhood. Finally about 10 years ago she decided to bring it alive by writing a story about it. Thus came Tommy TwiceBorn. A fictional story of an 11 year old all american boy Tommy Stevenson a sixth grader in California who while playing a stint began to talk about his past life. A prank became serious and made headlines in the local newspaper.

Enter a report Derek Spalding, an erratic, acerbic mysogynist who has a penchant for solving strange stories.
Tommy’s journey becomes dark and lonely but Spalding remains with him with the opportunity of grabbing the coveted post of hosting a TV show.

Never a dull moment. One event leads to another. It is hair raising to say the least.

Look out for the date when it hits the market.